Information for parents and carers

According to research, parents and carers are the single biggest influence on young people's career choices. You can help them by talking about their ideas and using MyDirections to find out about the options they have, so they choose the route that best suits their skills, interests and their future plans.

MyDirections provides information about all the routes young people can take, including apprenticeships, employment, further education, higher education and self-employment. Young people can also use MyDirections to explore different sectors of the labour market, finding out about the skills employers need and the types of jobs that are predicted to be in demand in the future.

In order to ensure young people are making informed career decisions, they should be encouraged to find out about careers they may not have thought of - or even heard of - related to their skills and interests. MyDirections matches their favourite subjects and other preferences to different careers and courses - allowing young people to explore new ideas. Users complete a simple self-assessment when they first use the system and can also change their answers at any time to see where different choices may lead.

Accessing MyDirections

Parents, carers and young people interested in using MyDirections, should check with their school or college to find out if they have a subscription to use it. Young people at institutions that do subscribe, will receive their own unique username and password to access and use MyDirections - which they can do at school or college and at home.

As an introduction to the choices young people have to make in Year 8/9 and in Year 11, and to enable parents and carers to support them, we have produced two handouts about options at the end of key stage 3 and key stage 4.

An introduction to option choice in Year 8 or Year 9.docx

An introduction to post-16 options.docx

Schools and colleges interested in subscribing to MyDirections can contact to request a demo and more information about costs.

How to get advice

If you are a young person, or the parent or carer of a young person, living in Calderdale or Kirklees, you can contact C+K for careers information, advice and guidance. 

If you live outside Calderdale and Kirklees and want careers advice, please contact the National Careers Service.

If you are from a school, college or local authority and would like your students to access MyDirections, please click on the button below for more information.